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Once you have signed up with StuddyBuddy, you will receive an email and SMS with your StuddyBuddy membership number.

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You can now call our qualified and experienced tutors on
0801 118 825 for educational assistance and guidance from 6pm-9pm, Sunday to Thursday. Alternatively, contact us for membership or billing queries from 8am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Product Features

Committed to your child's future

Guiding your child to achieve their full potential

  • StuddyBuddy is committed to helping your children succeed in their schooling career.
  • We provide qualified and experienced tutor support for your children. To find out more about our knowledgeable tutors, visit our FAQs
  • We take a proactive approach by encouraging and explaining to your child carefully, as we work through their difficult school tasks.
  • We provide assistance with daily homework, assignments and examination preparation for children from grades 6 to 12.

Covering all major secondary school subjects

Assisting with all-round academic success

  • From grades 6 to 12, we provide assistance with all the major school subjects to help your child reach their potential.
  • StuddyBuddy's tutors are well equipped to face any challenge that your child may have with homework, assignments or examination preparation.
  • Our qualified tutors have specialised experience in the following subjects:
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Business Economics
  • Geography
  • Afrikaans
  • Accounting
  • English
  • Economics

One-on-one assistance

Helping your child achieve better results

  • We ensure that your child receives 100% personal attention for an optimum learning experience.
  • Our tutors help your child catch up, if they are behind, while keeping their morale up and motivating them.
  • We strive to improve your child's study habits and help them learn at their own pace.
  • Our expert tutors also provide learner support, and general information or advice on secondary level subjects.

Tutors available telephonically

Help is just a phone call away

  • When you need us most, we're easily available to assist your child.
  • Simply pick up the phone, and our expert tutors will be on-hand, ready to help.
  • You'll have peace of mind, with no more late-night rushed assignments, or studying frenzies before exams with your children.
  • StuddyBuddy provides a telephonic service mainly, as well as assistance via email, fax or posted mail (when required).

Give your child the
learning advantage



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